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  • > End of the Road   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Rob, what a fantastic vicarious experience it has been for Sue and me to follow your progress. Congratulations again on the unique achievement! I hope the Arsenal/Spurs contest next season will give us the same excitement. Cheers and hope to see you soon, Clem & Sue

  • > Surprise!!   13 years 47 weeks ago

    Love you Mr. Forbes xxx

  • > Mission accomplished   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I followed your progress all the way, and was massively impressed!

    Enjoy the moment for as long as you can. The reality of normality will appear dull by comparison.

    Congrats again
    Elin X

  • > Mission accomplished   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Been following your progress since speaking to your mum last year when she asked me about our route throught Morocco.

    Brilliant achievement!

    Now for those withdrawl symptoms...

  • > Makeover madness   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Ha ha ha, did we burn your face really badly? Was awesome meeting you guys, hope you recovered quickly from the make-over. Can't see the pics you took, are they too embarassing to show? Take care and well done from all the Nottingham Road bunch who met you!

  • > Surprise!!   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Hey Rob it was great to see you in Cape Town. Sorry about the match result here, but at least amends were made in Port Elizabeth and you get to stay on with honour intact! Your photos from Botswana are brilliant! Did the wildebees get unstuck - will it survive? Glad you weren't on your bike with the lions! Now your fantastic trek is over you are going to have to start looking for a life after the World Cup! Bike mechanic, photographer, UN peacekeeper all spring to mind? I hope you finish the trip with success on the soccer field. The atmosphere before and during the England/Algeria game here was unforgettable! See you.

  • > Surprise!!   13 years 49 weeks ago

    Great to read about your welcome party in Cape Town, and look forward to seeing any pictures of the celebrations.  In the interim, the beautiful game is gathering a host of new fans in this corner of the Pacific!!

  • > Mission accomplished   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Congrats Rob. No doubt it was a hell of a ride!

  • > Mission accomplished   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Well done Rob! A wonderful achievement.

    Sorry that Rob Green rather dampened your celebration...


  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Wonderful effort Rob! Look forward to seeing you in Cape Town. Pity they didnt know you were in Rustenburg - you might have got the goalie job!

  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    i love the Fifa clip you look like such a pro! and you are sporting such an awesome T-shirt!!!!

  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Your phenomenal endurance will be useful to lift the spirits of your countrymen after England's first game, Rob!  However, your fund raising for the ReCycle Charity is truly impressive - 'cos those Bertha clones are going to make a huge difference to people's lives. Here's to the growth of more innovative ecological ideas that benefit communities ... and for an inspirational game from the Kiwi team, on Tuesday!  ;-))



  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Hi Rob, this is Harry. I am back in Steamboat after doing a 40 day fundraising ride for the American Cancer Society to Mexico. You are right, bike touring is amazing. I love it. I used a Bob trailer, I liked it. Mike and I are planning a ride next spring on the west coast from Canada to Mexico. You should join us. 

    I hope you get to watch the Word Cup a lot and your team wins, it didn't look too good yesterday with your goalie. Good job on your completion on your journey. I guess you owe Mike and I a lot, ha ha ha. Without us you would have never done the swim. No just kidding, but thanks for the experience. I will never forget that day when you swam across the Straight of Gibraltar. I will never forget you Rob. You gave me the idea to ride my bike for a good cause, and more importantly I want to ride my bike through Africa as well. I have been telling everybody about you, when they told me how cool it was that I rode 3350 km to my friends wedding. I tell them, that was nothing. You should know my English friend Rob, he rode his bike for over 20 000 km through Africa. Amazing Rob!!! You are the man.  See you Rob

    Harry the Austrian

  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    So proud of you Rob and the incredible amount of money you have raised!  You are an inspiration!  Enjoy the World Cup - you have certainly earned it!  Lots of love from New Zealand!

  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Rob, so proud of you. You're there! What a momentous achievement. Your Granddad Les, said, "I have to be the best at whatever I do." You've certainly been, "The Best". Looking forward to Monday! Jen and Dave

  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    You've made it old man! never doubted you for a second..I think Rico and I agreed - "if anyone is going to do this - its Rob" you are one crazy mofo and we all love you for it! Enjoy the well deserved football, beers, friends and family in SA, and a much needed break from Bertha...I reckon you will be missing her soon enough though...cant wait for the next challenge...????!!!!

  • > FIFA TV   13 years 50 weeks ago

    To see that little yellow line on the tracker get to Rustenberg at 1pm today is very emotional, Rob. We have followed every single dot all the way and I can't tell you how pleased we are for you. It's a heck of a story, which has enriched all our lives. Very well done!

    Nick G

  • > Feel it   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Cousin Rob - keep going mate. We are all proud of you. Call Mom, Lucelle, to run you out some coffee in Klerkdorp (near Potch)

  • > Comrades Report   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Hi Rob. Massive congratulations on finally finishing!!!! Don't know if you remember me from uni, but it's been great to follow the triathlon on this website from time to time. It's really amazing what you've managed to achieve and it looks like you have a great support team there with you. Now England just have to hold up their side and win the World Cup...!


  • > Makeover madness   13 years 51 weeks ago

    I think you meant to say Richard Tarr. I saw you in Estcourt on Friday. Well done on making the journey and good luck for the rest of the trip. Unfortunately my money is on Spain but i wont mind a England Spain final...

  • > Comrades success.   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Hi Rob!
    I've seen you cycling in Angola on that bad road between Quilengues and Cacula. It was sunday and I was with my daugther Lídia. I Think you will remember this.
    All the best to you and your family.
    Best regards,

  • > Comrades success.   13 years 51 weeks ago

    hello rob,

    glad to see you got down in southafrica without major problems...

    since we met you at caceres, long ago.., we hav been following your track and crossing fingers..

    hope you enjoy the world championship and good luck for england.
    they can play the final.... with spain... and to be 2nd is rather good...

    if one day you do the Santiago´s way, we may have a few beers together..

    congratulations again

    daniel and jose

  • > England On The Move   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Hi Rob

    Great to 'see' you on the road again. Even better is to see that the amount raised for Re-Cycle seems to have passed the target, (if you add up all the boxes on the Just Giving site). That is superb. Very well done and lots of love from us both. Nick and Sarah

  • > Comrades success.   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Wow, that is amazing!  Congratulations mate, i can't even imagine running that far, let alone in the time you did it!


  • > Comrades success.   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Mate, this is truly awesome stuff. Can't wait for the memoirs to be published.

    Capello's boys definately owe you some silverware for your efforts over the months.

    Good luck on the final leg, look forward to giving you a good old fashioned english pat on the back when you venture back to these shores. I'll be looking out for you on the telly as well!

    Well done mate.


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