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  • > Midlands Meander   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Enjoy getting together with your folks, and your countdown to the Comrades!  Look forward to discovering how you've put the local savvy to work for you when you conquer that endurance run!  Arohanui from your Kiwi cuzzies!

  • > Midlands Meander   11 years 19 weeks ago


    I know Rob has posted several individual thank you messages, but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU on behalf of Rob's family to all the kind and generous people who have looked after him along the way who may or may not have got a mention.  We were naturally extrememly worried about him undertaking such a huge adventure, with so many unknown factors and dangers.  Thank you for not been immediately scared away by his unkept appearance and odour, and for keeping him safe and fuelling his enormous appetite (large even when not exercising to the extreme)!

    Also to all the many dedicated followers of his blog whose funny and encouraging messages have kept him spurred on along the way, and delivered him back into the arms of his slightly greyer-haired parents (tonight, and I'm guessing there may be a few tears)! Rob, I wish I could be there too!

    I know he's still got the small matter of the Comrades to go, but thank you from us all for helping him get this far! 

    Suse (Rob's sister) on behalf of the Forbes family

  • > Midlands Meander   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Hi Rob

    I guess you have joined the family by now. Well done mon ami and good luck in preparing for the Comrades. It sounds as if classic preparation consists of sitting back and eating, but knowing you, it won't be that!

    Nick G

  • > Midlands Meander   11 years 19 weeks ago

    What a mighty achievement!! Well done Rob!! Love Clem and Sue

  • > Cummulative fatigue   11 years 19 weeks ago

    600k and two marathons in a week - you defy what the human body can normally cope with!!  So amazing to read of your adventures and how well you're doing...good luck with the final bit of pedalling and the mamoth jog!! xx

  • > Mnweni Mountain Marathon!   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Fantastic, Rob! It'll be down hill to PMB - so rest your injured foot, mate!  

    News of a slightly less arduous athletic feat, but still worth while mentioning:  On Saturday Andrew's daughter Charlotte (aged 5 years) received the trophy and certificate for being her soccer team's 'player of the day'.  She'll be looking to you for some coaching tips when you opt for a rest cure in the South Pacific!  You've no doubt also discovered your compatriots have won the 20/20 Cricket Competition; whilst our Kiwi women's team were pipped by those folk who inhabit a land mass to the west! 

    Be sure to visit 'Maritzburg Boys' High - as your grandfather Les is an alumnus, and if I remember correctly was also dux of his year.

    Travel safely to your destination!  Aroha from your Kiwi cuzzies!

  • > Mnweni Mountain Marathon!   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Lovely to meet you. Good luck with Comrades. You're going to surprise a lot of top runners!

  • > Free meal ticket   11 years 19 weeks ago

    hi rob we all really enjoy your blogs, have been looking at them and watching your progress, when we took your mum to the airport, when we got back robert asked if you were meeting up and said was your mum bringing you a shaver? glad its near the end and good luck for the rest of youtime x

  • > Fast as an Ostrich   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Hi Rob

    Your achievements have been amazing ! We trust that you will have a safe final run into the Sleepy Hollow (Pietermaritzburg) and a comfortable time building up for the Comrades. We look forward to seeing you in Cape Town.

    Our very best wishes form Pete & Nina

  • > Grapefruit surprise.   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Dear Rob,

    My husband, Johnathan, met you along your way from Newcastle to Ladysmith.  He hasn't stopped talking about you the whole day now.  You've made a huge impact on him.  He thinks your'e the best thing since toasted cheese for taking on this adventure.  Well done Rob!!!!!!! Well done in a good way and well done in a sarcastic way.  Now I will most probably be a cycling widow for a few weeks :).  That's he's ultimate dream to cycle from once side of SA to the other side.  Keep up the great work your doing Rob and may God be with you every step of your journey.  Warm regards, Chantel & Johnathan Tinkler. Newcaslte, South Africa.


  • > Mining country   11 years 20 weeks ago


    I think perhaps 'racial tension' is incorrect in this instance. It's more an issue of the have's and have nots.

    There is an active mechanism in place for gradual land reform (in order to redress the historical imbalance) which works on a simple 'willing buyer, willing seller' basis. It's been slow but I am led to believe 5% of farm land has changed hands to date.

    It doesn't sound like a lot but having cycled past some farms you will no doubt realise it is a huge amount of land. The speed of transition is frustrating but perhaps it allows for the very neccessary acclimatization from subsistence agriculture to fully mechanised commerical farming. The gulf is vast in every conceivable way and the skills, equipment and attitude need to be in place first. The alternative is easily witnessed just across the border in the once proud nation of Zimbabwe.

    I'd also have to agree with the stereotypes comment above. South Africa is an extermemly diverse nation and yet at the same time a lot of stereotypes do apply, just not everywhere. Just take each person on their merit and you will no doubt be pleasantly surprised and horrified in equal measure.

    All that aside I admire what you have done and aim to do immensely. Keep focussed on the prize and don't be distracted by the endless 'anthropolitics' of SA.



  • > Mining country   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Hey Rob, some elementary geometry suggests you will be in Pietermaritzburg this weekend... how amazing!!!!!!!  Whatever the outcome of the next few weeks (and months, for England's finest XI), your trip has already been an incredible success, an absolute inspiration, and a damn fine read too!

    I'm sure you're looking forward to fattening up over the next 2 weeks, as the final & essential part of your training? 

    We're so looking forward to seeing the abonimable bikeman in Cape Town!


  • > Mining country   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Going well Rob! But you are being fooled into accepting stereotypes! Those farms are not all owned by Afrikaners! And some Afrikaners are wimps! Keep going. Your Videos were great. 

  • > Hats off to SA generosity   11 years 20 weeks ago

    helo robby !


    I just saw you finally arrived in your second mother-country, good job man !

    but just a question : how can you eat sausages and bacon when a lot of delicious fake-biscuits are waiting for you, all over Africa ?

  • > Fast as an Ostrich   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Hi Rob, I'm James dad from the UK, James is really looking forwardto meeting up with you for the Comrades run. I wish I could be there also, we support for the Rome qualifier.

    As always best care near the end, or else!

    I wish you well in finding your running legs I'm sure you'll find the crouds an interesting contrast.

    All the very best for your miles to come I guess in many ways it is just the start not the end.



  • > Fast as an Ostrich   11 years 20 weeks ago

    Hi Rob

    Still looking every day and still loving it! The Congo videos are a real eye opener. It's all gobsmackingly good. Nick G

  • > South African arrival!   11 years 20 weeks ago

    I am looking forward to the book based on your blog.  Good luck with the final stages! love Jan

  • > South African arrival!   11 years 20 weeks ago


    Check you out, congrats on getting to SA. Not long now...the countdown has begun for the 31st for me too (it’s my sister’s wedding)! It’s not that far away and our bridesmaids outfits have got caught up somewhere with the volcanic-ash catastrophe!

    World Cup fever has started to emerge and certianly has hit work, we've been told we can watch the day time football matches at work- How awesome is that-I’ll be looking out for the ginger beard on the big screen!

    I'm loving your recent album by the way-you look like you've had so much fun with the locals and how lucky have you been with such amazing hospitality?!

    Not much else going on on the UK apart from last nights election results for a 'hung parliment'...?! Hope you get to meet up with your folks soon so they can spoil you!!

    Take care Robbo x




  • > South African arrival!   11 years 20 weeks ago


    You've finally made it that is great of you.


  • > Spurred On!   11 years 21 weeks ago


    As a Spurs fan and an ex Pietermaritzburg resident (now residing in SW London for 13 years) I can both share your joy at last night's result, as well as wish you very well towards reaching my old home both safely and ready for the world's greatest ultra marathon. It's a down run this year so marginally less excruciating than the up run from Durbs :) Fluids, fluids, fluids!

    Also I have to say you chose well; Chakalaka is an absolute winner, especially with pap and boerewors. Be sure to try the other staples we Saffers grew up with like vetkoek, babotie, umasi and hot atchar. Sadly the best 'local' beer is Namibia's Windhoek lager.

    One last Bafana Bafana viva!


  • > Easy as she goes   11 years 21 weeks ago

    I can see distinct possibilities for you as an experienced coalition consultant when you get back home, Rob - persuading cycling muscles to adapt their agenda and achieve an endurance running goal will complement the myriad of other negotiating experiences you've successfully concluded on your travels!  Your mum must also have developed some extremely effective remote coping mechanisms that could be recycled (?) ... I look forward to hearing first hand accounts of your meeting up again with your folks! Enjoy these final weeks of your amazing adventure!

  • > Easy as she goes   11 years 21 weeks ago

    I hate to point out (from a runner with pretty basic credentials to a runner with pretty good credentials) that most Comrades runners have done their big mileage and spend May 'tapering'! I think your lean and honed frame, as well as youth and exuberance will get you through - so go easy on the pies!

  • > Easy as she goes   11 years 21 weeks ago

    It must be wonderful to feel that you are spinning closer and closer to the marathon moment, Rob. I spoke to your mum at the weekend and I know how excited she is about seeing you again. I can just imagine them coming along the road to meet you - still, a bit to go yet... take care over the last stretch.

    Are you registered for a postal vote by any chance...?! You are missing a very strange campaign here in Britain - wise man.

    Much love, Nessa and Piers.


  • > Rest and run   11 years 22 weeks ago

    Hi Rob. Your recent progress has been phenomenal - great stuff! It's nice to be able to quickly scan the map ahead and see that it can be done (by car!) in a day or two! The last batch of photos were all brilliant! Good to know you can squeeze in a bit of running too! Please exercise great caution as you progress into the 'sharp' end of Africa. The roads and food supplies may get easier but watch out for fast cars and faster 'operators' who may see Bertha and some of your other assets as easy pickings!

  • > Rest and run   11 years 22 weeks ago

    Brilliant - enjoy the flight!  I look forward to seeing your photos, having just enjoyed your recently posted  albums (44 & 45).


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