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  • > Back to nature   9 years 38 weeks ago

    Asalam wa-laikum Forbes!

    Eid ul Adha Mubarak! Eid starts from Margrib prayer today through to tomorrow in the uk-so consider this as my usual Eid Mubarak text to you! You probably have a better chance at  having a more authentic Eid than I will -have to do half a day in the office! Doing the family greetings/visits/food indulging in the morning and back to the grind! 

    Rico and I getting loads of tennis action on the firm at the ATP tour in london-you are missed from the eco-geeks massive!

    Your photos are brilliant...I'm not sure about that hair cut look like some weird birdlife/dinosaur-esq creature?! 

    Keep cycling, lots of chips-beanz-toast encouragement!

  • > From desert to delta   9 years 38 weeks ago

    Great to see the photos of Mount Toubkal climb..and brill to catch the shot of the lammergeier ! Impressed too by the go-faster Moroccan cut! Can't wait to see more. Good to know you're safely into Senegal and back with the French guys. Cheers Soda & Pops xx

  • > Visa success   9 years 38 weeks ago

    Nice to get some news after the break - and great photographs. Seems to be some good bird life - who is the blonde? Sue & Clem

  • > Visa success   9 years 38 weeks ago

    Great to see that progress south continues to be so positive and certainly from your news, fun as well. You now have many fans following your journey in Cape Town. Jen and David 

  • > Visa success   9 years 38 weeks ago

    Due you are becoming quite a photographer, all those sunrises and sunsets over the desert etc. bet it was really beautiful out there in the wilderness. Just to give you some contrast it's getting dark here now around 4.30 and it's been raining loads so there's lots of floods especially up in Cumbria. Hard to imagine in the sandy, parched desert I bet! Sounds like you are having the most amazing experience I'm quite jealous, though I'll skip on the camel tagine. Take care, lol Suse xx 

  • > French friends   9 years 39 weeks ago

    Hi Rob, glad you've found some folk to travel with, and a tandem will stop you slacking off ! 

    For those that don't know, tandem's have the same rolling resistnace, close to the same wind resistance and twice thepower, so they go fast. 

    Recumbent bikes, the ones like a deck chair, have same power, but much less wind resistance.


    Recumbent tandems, man, that's fast.  Should have suggested that to Rob....


    With Love and Respect


    Merlin, founder of the charity he's raising money for,

  • > The camel effect   9 years 39 weeks ago

    Love you Rob, from all the environment team.

  • > Desert supplies   9 years 39 weeks ago

    Hey Rob,

    I justed wanted to tell you another time, how impressed I am of what you're doing.

    You'll do it, I'm sure!



    Daniel (we got to know each other in Tarifa, Backpacker-Hostal)

    P.S.: Guess I'll do that tour across Europe ;) See you soon on the road!

  • > A long overdue wash   9 years 39 weeks ago

    Dave has shown me the simplicity of replying rather than using newsletter e-mail.  I am now personally active.  Would you like to swop youthful energy for a comfortable, clean bed?  Grandkids wouldn't eat fruitsalad this a.m. and we went into great detail  describing Uncle Rob's journey of deprivations;of how he would give anything to swop his loaf for the delicious fruits!! Glad you're clean.  With you in spirit always. Lol Jen and Dave

  • > French friends   9 years 40 weeks ago

    Just caught up with your travels after a few days without the computer! You are flying along - Soreen should book you for a malt loaf ad. Rob, you are making fantastic progress. Glad that Bertha is proving stalwart. Love and thoughts from Nessa and Piers.

  • > Desert supplies   9 years 40 weeks ago

    I spoke to Rob on the road yesterday just south of Ad Dakhla, I had to return to get VISA for Mauritania, so stopped with him to check he had one before reaching the border and having to cycle 400km back. To all his family and friends (and girlfriend!) he is in good sprits for the long straight windy sand blasting roads here in Western Sahara, is fit and well. Would have liked to spend more time speaking with him, top man! I’ll be keeping an eye out for him once I ride south with my Mauritanian VISA. Good luck my friend and I think you’re an ejjit for trip you’re on!!  The adventure of a lifetime...

    Rob, the Irish biker  8)
    (will donate when I get to a safer internet connection)

  • > Desert supplies   9 years 40 weeks ago

    I can't believe that you have already got a quarter of the way there. It's absolutely brilliant Rob. Very well done. Nick and Sarah

  • > Desert supplies   9 years 40 weeks ago

    Well done Rob!!  I can honestly say your blog is one of the bigger highlights of my day!!! Keep them coming. lots of love Phil

  • > Desert supplies   9 years 40 weeks ago

    We are pleased you are not with-out your your Malt Loaf.Hope you find equivelants as you proceed southwards.  Keep up the great work and we continue to track you daily--Jen and David

  • > Desert supplies   9 years 40 weeks ago

    Keep up the blogs, we're addicted to our daily fix! Take care, thinking of you always. Soda Pops xx

  • > Desert supplies   9 years 40 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work Bob, thinking of you and following your progress! lol Suse and Tom xxx

  • > A stroke of calamari   9 years 40 weeks ago

    Well done Rob. Six weeks and all's well. We follow you avidly and laugh about all your experiences! I don't think you get any messages but our thoughts are with you daily. Go well. Love Sue & Clem

  • > Welcome to the Western Sahara   9 years 40 weeks ago

    Hi Rob


    Not sure if this is going to get through to you?! Just to say we are all thinking of you so much and love reading your blog every night.  Am reading Riaan Munsers book and really enjoying learning a bit more about the coast you are navigating!  Lots of love Kirst

  • > Swim Report   9 years 40 weeks ago

    I've got tears in my eyes, with admiration for you.


    I've a friend of old, "Brave Sir Robin".  You sir, are "Brave Sir Rob"!


    As you say, its amazing what we can do if we set our minds to it!


    Well done


    Merlin, founder and CEO of, the charity Rob's doing such great things to raise money for.

  • > Lost phone and dashed hopes of a malt loaf top up   9 years 40 weeks ago

    That's a pain, with the phone and all.  Conditions for cyclists are not great, culture shift is needed...


    Keep up the good work.


    Merlin, Founder of, the charity Rob's supporting (thanks!)

  • > Lost phone and dashed hopes of a malt loaf top up   9 years 41 weeks ago

    Rob put some god dam pictures up! for all we know you've hooked your lardy arse self and Bertha on to a cattle truck or Rickshaw type carrier honking your way to SA! :)

  • > Lost phone and dashed hopes of a malt loaf top up   9 years 41 weeks ago

    Good to hear the latest update, cool that you saw a Lamagheir bro. sorry to hear about the phone but glad no nasty story attached, I'm sure that hostel owner will enjoy reading about my trip to Cowdber! We are going to be babysitting for Tom's folk's puppy, Twix on Sunday, should be cool. Good luck in the desert with or without your malt loaf delivery xxxxxxxx

  • > Rude awakening   9 years 41 weeks ago

    Go Rob! You should be at the cooler coast for the weekend. Still following you with daily fascination and admiration! Love Sue & Clem



  • > Rude awakening   9 years 41 weeks ago

    You're making fantastic progress. Hugely impressed! Hope early morning wake up call didn't relieve you of any possessions. Will see what can be done about getting out a new sim. Cheers Soda Pops xx

  • > Rude awakening   9 years 41 weeks ago

    Rob,sounds like she could of been watching you scale the wall with only a towel on,possibly made her day. We continue to watch your progress every day and always enjoy your updates --Continued good luck --Jen and David


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