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Don’t just sit there, come and join the adventure and raise some money for Re-Cycle at the same time.................

Swim the Strait 

There may still be an opportunity to join the Strait crossing, you would need to be in Tarifa, Spain on the 18th October and prepared to stay until conditions are suitable to make the crossing. Cheap flights are available to Gibraltar. We would need to be of a similar speed to ensure that only one support boat is required. Please contact me if you would like to know more and find out about the costs. 


Run the Comrades Ultra Marathon

 The event starts in Pietermaritzburg on the 30th May 2010. Entry for overseas applicants/first timers opens on the 1st of November 2009. You are also required to have run a marathon distance race in 2009 to qualify. Flights to Johannesburg and Durban may be expensive at this time with the World Cup only 2 weeks away.


Climb Mount Cameroon

Time permitting I hope to climb Mount Cameroon (4040m) to provide a much needed break from the cycling. As the highest mountain in West Africa I’ve heard it is spectacular, and it could provide a great chance to meet up with anyone who fancies scaling its summit. The expedition would take 4+ days and I hope to be there in the second week of February. Flights to the nearby Douala are around £500 return.


Bike Legs

Travelling down the west coast of Africa limits the opportunities for simple and cheap legs that people can join, but for the adventurers among you do not be deterred - this could be a prime opportunity to have a holiday of a lifetime.

If you are planning to join me it is worth noting the following:

  • I will be travelling through most of the capital cities and stopping to obtain onward visas which could take a number of days and provide a good opportunity for meeting.
  • It may be cheaper to buy return flights and take public transport (or cycle back!) to the city of arrival than get single flights into and out of cities.
  • Prices vary a great deal but expect to pay at least £500 on flights unless visiting Morocco. Therefore make the trip worthwhile and join me for a longer stint or the whole hog…… Please consider offsetting your carbon by making a donation!
  • The itinerary is only a loose guide, so bookings should not be made too far in advance. Although I can endeavour to ride accordingly there are a lot of variables out of my control.
  • Depending on where you would like to join me please consider the type of gear, vaccinations and visas you will require. I’ve had to do plenty of research on these things so I can help out on that front. A particularly good site to check out is 
  • Be prepared to travel substantial distances each day, camp wild and eat whatever is available.
  • Be prepared to be around a man who has been away from washing opportunities and by himself for far too long!
  • Please note you will only be allowed to join in if you bring a malt loaf!

Some suggested legs are outlined below:

(Please note I will not be passing through all of the places listed, but you should be able to take public transport to join me) 



Rough Distance


1st & 2nd October

Cirencester → Ham (overnight) → Portsmouth


Join for one day or both, accommodation and farewell dinner provided!

3 – 18 October

France & Spain

Your choice

Lots of opportunities exist throughout France and Spain. I will primarily be camping and couch surfing, with a couple of nights at friends and family.

End Oct / Start Nov → End Nov

Casablanca or Marrakesh (Morocco) → Nouakchott(Mauritania)

Up to 2000km

Beautiful coastal and desert like scenery, good roads. Flights to Morocco return £200. Singles from Nouakchott to Morocco £100. Possible short leg Casablanca to Marrakesh?

Mid Dec → Late Dec

Bamako (Mali)→ Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)


Experience West Africa’s most cycle friendly region.

Mid Jan

Accra (Ghana)→ Contonou (Benin)


Seaside views and beaches along a busy coastal route. It may be best to avoid the trucks and head inland.

Mid Jan → Mid Feb

Contonou (Benin)→ Douala (Nigeria)


Bandits, corrupt officials and rugged terrain - what more could you want? Opportunities also exist for shorter legs flying into Lagos or Benin City but I will avoid cycling near these cities.

Mid Feb → End Feb

Douala (Cameroon)→ Libreville (Gabon)


Rough roads, tropical conditions and wildlife. Potential to combine with an expedition up Mount Cameroon.

Start Mar → late Mar

Libreville (Gabon)→ Kinshasa (Congo)


Not for the faint hearted, this will be a serious adventure through a remote region on rough roads and tracks.

Start April →End April

Luanda (Angola)→ Windhoek (Namibia)


Angola has been described as Africa’s undiscovered gem and what better way to see it than by bike? (Angola visa permitting). Opportunity to visit the Etosha Pans National Park, Namibia.

End April → Start May

Windhoek (Namibia →  Grootfontein) → Maun (Botswana)


Long straight roads, wildlife (including the Okavango delta) and nights under the stars.


World Cup 2010 South Africa


Munch on biltong while following England on their quest for world cup glory – preferably by car!



Where Am I?


Triathlon Completion: Day 255 - Sat 12 June
-20,293km Rustenburg, SA

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