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> Midlands Meander

Tuesday, 18 May 2010 - 08:41

Day 229  -  Mon 17 May ~ 19,463km, Howick, South Africa 

Travelling along the scenic but torturously hilly Midlands Meander today the road certainly lived up to its title as I slowly edged ever closer to the comrades start point, Pietermaritzburg, and a reunion with my folks who arrive tomorrow. Sent off by Isabel with a christmas like sack full of unknown tasty snacks my frequent fueling stops at least provided a bit more excitement than the usual roadside peanut butter sani's although it took some serious will power to resist the wine and beer tasting opportunities en route.

Running Mweni Marathon certainly put me into contact with the right people & fellow athlete, Jeff Speed & his family have kindly had me to stay in Howick for the night. As multiple Comrades finishers they've been giving me plenty of useful hints & I will certainly be hitting the start line well lubed with nipples buried in plasters as a result!  

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Well done!

Hey, Rob, I see that you nailed Comrades in 7:48 - stupendous running!!!

It was great to meet you at Mnweni and amazing to see how you tackled it and came in the top ten despite your worries about your heel, and with Comrades looming, too. Thanks for sharing your stories with us all.

I guess now you can relax and just look forward to watching other people run about!!

Well done indeed, you have achieved so much, and inspired so many people.

Happy trails,



I have not posted anything yet but as one of those who taught your father most of what he is able to do on the squash court, I feel I have an obligation to congratulate you on an extraordinary achievement.   I suspect that when you reach your father's age (I am much younger than him!), you will look back on this and wonder what on earth you were thinking of!  

Good luck on the Comrades - Andrew Rowan, Old Diocesan and Orielensis from the 60s.

Hello to all three of you

Hello to all three of you Forbes, Anthea, Ron and your intrepid son, and to Bertha (!) We hope you find each other OK on the road. Thanks for the wonderful blogs, Rob, run well in the Marathon and enjoy all the football matches. We are exhausted just imagining all you have achieved over these months and look forward to reading the last few weeks' worth of adventure on this fantastic journey. Love, Nessa and Piers.

Family reunion

Enjoy getting together with your folks, and your countdown to the Comrades!  Look forward to discovering how you've put the local savvy to work for you when you conquer that endurance run!  Arohanui from your Kiwi cuzzies!

Thank you!!!


I know Rob has posted several individual thank you messages, but I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU on behalf of Rob's family to all the kind and generous people who have looked after him along the way who may or may not have got a mention.  We were naturally extrememly worried about him undertaking such a huge adventure, with so many unknown factors and dangers.  Thank you for not been immediately scared away by his unkept appearance and odour, and for keeping him safe and fuelling his enormous appetite (large even when not exercising to the extreme)!

Also to all the many dedicated followers of his blog whose funny and encouraging messages have kept him spurred on along the way, and delivered him back into the arms of his slightly greyer-haired parents (tonight, and I'm guessing there may be a few tears)! Rob, I wish I could be there too!

I know he's still got the small matter of the Comrades to go, but thank you from us all for helping him get this far! 

Suse (Rob's sister) on behalf of the Forbes family

Hi Rob I guess you have

Hi Rob

I guess you have joined the family by now. Well done mon ami and good luck in preparing for the Comrades. It sounds as if classic preparation consists of sitting back and eating, but knowing you, it won't be that!

Nick G


What a mighty achievement!! Well done Rob!! Love Clem and Sue

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