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> Mount Cameroon high

Wednesday, 3 February 2010 - 15:51

Day 126 - Weds 3 Feb - 11,858km, Limbe, Cameroon 

The old man rolled back the years and scaled the highest mountain in West Africa with an ease and grace that belied his OAP status, leaving altitude-sick youngsters and porters in his wake. In the porters' defence they were heavily laden with a four day supply of water, Marion’s world renowned brownies (massive thanks) and Malt Loaf one of which was joyfully consumed in celebration at the summit. Descending across spectacular lava fields and into the misty rainforests of the second wettest place on earth below, we were also rewarded with an amazing sighting, despite the smell emanating from the old boy's trekking feet, of the highly endangered and elusive rainforest elephant! Taking father and son bonding to a level I could have done without, my biggest challenge wasn’t the 4095m summit, but having to share a one man tent with the extremely ripe snoring machine - I now have new found respect for the old dear ....... lets hope not all traits run in the family!

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Great to read that Ron excels at snoring as well!  Underachieving doesn't seem to be part of the Forbes clan makeup! Good to read your blog between tracking the Wellington Sevens finals - a Pacifica stand off with Fiji edging out Samoa.  When you're done with your African challenges, Rob, you'll need to pit your athletic skills against these islanders!  Grace will be relieved you've accomplished your volcanic mission without mishap.  Keep safe!  

du lourd!

Hey Rob! I keep reading your adventures regularly. Glad to see that nothing can stop you, you're tough man! Now you're closer from the end that from the beginning, it's almost done!

After a 2 month stop in Senegal I began looking for a sailing boat to get to Brazil and I found one in no more than 3 days in Casamance (south of Senegal, between Gambia anf Guinée Bisso)! So I'm leaving from Dakar this week-end, we'll first stop for the carnival in Cabo Verde and then resume the journey to Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

Good luck for the rest of your challenge. No doubt that you'll make it. Hope we'll catch one day in France or in England. Of course you're welcome at my place in France at any time (when I'll be back!).

Take care


Well done guys!!

Great stuff to the Forbes boys! Get some photos up please. It's all downhill from here Rob.

Go well

Love Clem & Sue

hahahaha this post made me

hahahaha this post made me know what they say Rob like father like son! Congrats again this time climbing the summit! Wow 2010 is definitely going to be one to remember for you! 

Well Done!

Hi Rob and Ron!  Well done on reaching the top - Awesome! Sounds like there's been some good father son bonding....elephant sighting sounds amazing! We've missed the blog these last few days, so really great to hear your news. Lots of love and thinking of you guys - Kirst, Duncs and girls xx

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