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> Comrades success.

Monday, 31 May 2010 - 17:13

Day 242 - Sun 30 May  19,500km Durban, SA

Yebo yes me and James have made it to Durban on foot! Taking just under eight torturous hours I was really chuffed to come 815th out of over 20,000 runners given my preparation although the 89km hilly course has left me utterly exhausted and I'm now shuffling around like an OAP with bake bean size blisters on my feet. The atmosphere and support along the way were phenomenal thanks in part to my St George's afro and beard. Now it's time for a few celebratory beers...Comrades report to follow.

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Hi Rob! Congratulations! I've

Hi Rob!
I've seen you cycling in Angola on that bad road between Quilengues and Cacula. It was sunday and I was with my daugther Lídia. I Think you will remember this.
All the best to you and your family.
Best regards,


hello rob,

glad to see you got down in southafrica without major problems...

since we met you at caceres, long ago.., we hav been following your track and crossing fingers..

hope you enjoy the world championship and good luck for england.
they can play the final.... with spain... and to be 2nd is rather good...

if one day you do the Santiago´s way, we may have a few beers together..

congratulations again

daniel and jose

Wow, that is amazing! 

Wow, that is amazing!  Congratulations mate, i can't even imagine running that far, let alone in the time you did it!


You are my hero

Mate, this is truly awesome stuff. Can't wait for the memoirs to be published.

Capello's boys definately owe you some silverware for your efforts over the months.

Good luck on the final leg, look forward to giving you a good old fashioned english pat on the back when you venture back to these shores. I'll be looking out for you on the telly as well!

Well done mate.


Well done Rob on an incredible time for the Comrades. It was great to meet you albeit briefly at the Emthambeni School and I wish you all the luck for your future endeavours. Next time I think I'll drive down to SA instead of driving - it seemed to do you some good for a very respectable finish time! I lolled over in 9.32 and thought that was ok :)

Stay in touch


Great running Rob! Nurse

Great running Rob! Nurse those blisters! Good to hear that you will have company to cycle the last part of your journey. It sounds as if you have plenty of offers of hospitality too. What a finish to a great adventure. Love, Nessa and Piers.


Your tough man! Félicitations!
Happy to learn that you arrived in South Africa without problem and that you ran those 89km.
I just arrived in Buenos Aires wich is my final destination, I went down sailing to Rio and did the 2500 last km by bike those 3 last weeks. When I resumed bicking in Brazil I still had those shity Senegales inner tubes and had to buy another ones. It remembered me of that very bad joke we made you in Senegal giving you one of this useless shit. I´m really sorry, we didn´t know.
What you´ve down is awesome, what an experience! Enjoy this world cup et repose toi bien. Hope we´ll have the opportunity to meet in France or in England some day!


well done on the run

hi rob well done with the run, i showed robert the route this morning and he couldnt belive you were going to run that far, you deserve a rest, hope you get to the footie xx

Well done on excellent time in Comrades !!

Hi Rob,

You met us at the Petrol Stop before Estcourt. We were the ones shouting you on as you ran through Pinetown. Well done on your race and remember you have a place to stay for you and your mates if you need in Durban!


Henry, Debbie & Duran

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