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> South African arrival!

Thursday, 6 May 2010 - 21:24

Day 218 - Thu 6 May ~ 18,481km, Oryx Ranch, South Africa

Yebo Gogo! After 7 months and over 18000km I've finally made it to the promised land of SA! Cycling every inch of the way, bar a bit of swimming, running & enforced boat rides, it’s been an incredible adventure and the excitement certainly isn't over yet...

Next up I've got the small matter of cycling to Pietermaritzburg to run the Comrades Ultra Marathon on 31st may, then riding back to Rustenburg to watch England kick off a World Cup winning campaign vs USA, then put my feet up, enjoy a few beers, and watch the World Cup drama unfold.

Special thanks to Sonja whose amazing hospitality continued this morning as I found myself showered with tasty snacks and an array of cleaning products - maybe she was trying to tell me something!

I've already received a brilliant welcome from South Africans for travelling so far for the World Cup, and riding my lucky streak I've kindly been offered a free room and meal at Oryx Hunting Lodge ( Let’s hope no trigger happy guests catch a flash of bertha when I set off early tomorrow.

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Congratulations Rob!!

I am looking forward to the book based on your blog.  Good luck with the final stages! love Jan



Check you out, congrats on getting to SA. Not long now...the countdown has begun for the 31st for me too (it’s my sister’s wedding)! It’s not that far away and our bridesmaids outfits have got caught up somewhere with the volcanic-ash catastrophe!

World Cup fever has started to emerge and certianly has hit work, we've been told we can watch the day time football matches at work- How awesome is that-I’ll be looking out for the ginger beard on the big screen!

I'm loving your recent album by the way-you look like you've had so much fun with the locals and how lucky have you been with such amazing hospitality?!

Not much else going on on the UK apart from last nights election results for a 'hung parliment'...?! Hope you get to meet up with your folks soon so they can spoil you!!

Take care Robbo x






You've finally made it that is great of you.


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