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  • > Lessons from the road Part I: Europe   11 years 49 weeks ago

    Rob, Pedro, Bert...

    I am impressed, however Malt loaf, especially of the soreen variety is usually only found in Blighty, your palate will have to become accostomed to all things foreign on the trip... After all the trips to tesco experiencing yellow labelled food, I would have never thought that your palate was all that delicate.

    I wish you luck my friend, and a safe crossing through the straits of Gibraltar and don't let the monkeys follow you, those dudes are scary.


  • > Lessons from the road Part I: Europe   11 years 49 weeks ago

    many congratulations on completing the european leg of your journey-best of luck with the swim-did you pack arm bands? 

    denise & duncan

  • > Warm up complete!   11 years 49 weeks ago

    Great progress, Rob! I look forward to discovering how you're going to conquer the water challenge, and whether you'll be posting any images of the marine life that might encounter? Hope your crossing is accomplished in fair weather and calm conditions.  Kia kaha!

  • > Warm up complete!   11 years 49 weeks ago

    Have a good rest - next step doggy paddle to Morocco!

    Speak soon, Joe

  • > Back to School   11 years 49 weeks ago


    Mr Baring's publicity campaign on the top corridor had been keeping everyone guessing ... first came the yellow border, next the map followed by the distances - 19000?! - and then two days ago, a little paper man on a bike.  It was great for the students to meet the man on the bike in person - THANK YOU for making such a massive detour to come and visit us at the British School of Cordoba. 

    You made a real impact on everyone and several of the sixth form girls are already asking when you'll be back!  They will be following your progress via this website, as I am sure will many others who so enjoyed hearing about your epic challenge and Mr B has wisely left lots of space on his display board for updates.

    (I did suggest to Ned that you might like a glass of water after two and a half hours giving inspiring assemblies to students aged from 7 to 18, but he assured me you had faced much worse!)

    Best of luck for your trip

    Sarah Knight, BSC teacher

  • > Bit of a struggle   11 years 50 weeks ago

    Hey Rob,

    Tragic that you have run out of Soreen!!  Liking the pics of you in your Soreen road jersey!  if any one is meeting you and can bring out supplies let me know.  Happy to send a shipment of the dark, malty , fruity stuff!  Hope you are enjoying the adventure and taking some pics to post when you have the chance.  Well done on your progress so far.  Sarah-Louise @ Soreen (

  • > Hills, hills and more hills   11 years 50 weeks ago

    Hi Rob, I´m Idoya from Miranda. You were talking with me and I tried to explain you how to find the youth hostel. I hope you found it!

    I was so nervous because I didn´t find the english words to talk with you. I hope you understand me!

    Well, I hope you have a good trip. My husband and I will read all your news. If you need something this is our e-mail adress:


    As I said to you: BUEN CAMINO!

    You´re doing a good job!

  • > Sun, sea and lorries   11 years 50 weeks ago

    We're thinking of you having had pints and indian in the village tonight.  We can picture the roads from Biarritz into Spain, not ideal biking territory.  Village Supper in Ham tomorrow - Guy's providing the entertainment.

    Keep cycling!

    Karen and Guy

  • > Illegal camping   11 years 51 weeks ago

    Loving the updates and photos! keep them coming!!! you sound like you are having a great time, cant wait to hear how you get on with the Straight and of course west Africa-eeeek!!!!!!  keep on riding....Beanz

  • > Wild Camping   11 years 51 weeks ago

    Hi Rob

    I have just completed a magnificent walk on top of table mountain with your dad and heard of your crazy trip. Just do it - I will be following you all the way - bon chance (hope you speak french 'cause you're going to need it). I already have tickets for the semi's in Cape Town on July 6th - England vs Germany !!


    Be well and ride safe

    John Davies (Cape Town)

  • > Bon Voyage   11 years 52 weeks ago

    good luck my friend. I'll be routing for you, and will keep a keen eye on your progress.

    p.s. are you really sponsored by Soreen??? Good work!

  • > Diaries of a Weight Watcher   12 years 1 week ago

    you are such a SLICE!

  • > Website Up and Running   12 years 2 weeks ago

    Great aspirations - we'll be following your progress from down under and spreading the word about your amazing mission! Arohanui from Auckland's North Shore.


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