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  • > A dance exchange   11 years 41 weeks ago

    Dear Rob, I have no idea where the maximum pressure comes from - the backside, the head, or what. I do know that going weeks on end not speaking your own language is hard work and clearly you didn't get an A* in French...but if there is one thing that you are brilliant at, it is communicating without words and I have always believed that you will smile your way to SA. We're right with you, in the head anyway, all the time. Nick and Sarah

  • > A dance exchange   11 years 41 weeks ago

    At times you must think, "Bloody hell, if I'd known I'd never have started ...."  When these moments pop up stop and say, " In my life story this trip will have a profound influence and I will look back with a great sense of pride and accomplishment.  The gloom will always be followed by light."  Think of you often and really proud of our Rob!  Fondest love, Jen and Dave

  • > The lonely road   11 years 41 weeks ago

    Hi Rob,  Just off to Torchwood until the 28th.  Many, including me, will be thinking of you this Christmas.  I wish that the winds will blow strongly on your back, that you will have interesting company, and that your spirits will be high.  Lol Lor

  • > The lonely road   11 years 41 weeks ago

    I must say Rob, your trip is amazing and a real inspiration. Your blog is very amusing and my mind boggles at what it must be really like out there. You should definately write a book about this mate. Keep safe and look after yourself. Oh, can you make the Midland XC, Ciren AC are crying out for you at the moment!!!!

    Paul Barlow

  • > A close shave   11 years 41 weeks ago

    Good to discover you're kitted out with protective panniers - you're one lion hearted English soccer fan!  Hope you can feel the tail wind your Kiwi cuzzies are sending to ease you on your way? Take care! Arohanui from Judy & whanau

  • > A big thanks for the comments and messages   11 years 41 weeks ago

    You must be sad to have missed the Ham quiz night and the opportunity to win another cheese toasty maker!!  Perhaps when you return to the Indigo Palace you can provide them with a recipe for curried camel...or using some other meat that epitomises your trip!  Keep going Rob - you're doing amazingly.

    Sarah L


  • > A close shave   11 years 42 weeks ago


    That was quite scary about the intruder..glad he was harmless! Keep it up old man you can do it! Reading your lastest blog sounds like things are getting trickier-keep focused, and get some Malt Loaf down your neck:)-you can do it! ...just remember that everyone is rooting for you!!!!!

    Take care, lots of love and encouragement, Beanz x

  • > World Cup reaction   11 years 42 weeks ago

    Rob, we want you in Cape Town! Leave Greta or Gertrude (?) in Durban, fly to Rustenburg and back and then cycle to Cape Town - southern tip of Africa etc. Rustenburg isn't a real destination to stop at. You won't be able to tell the grandchildren that you cycled to 'Rustenburg'! Anyway you have plenty of time to think about it! Our papers say England has a dream draw so you can catch a semi-final in Cape Town maybe? See you, Clem & Sue

  • > World Cup reaction   11 years 42 weeks ago

    Google maps says 536km, Rob. You will eat it, king of the road! Nick G

  • > Hot Boue !   11 years 42 weeks ago

    Now bud,

    Rustenburg is just outside Pretoria. And Spurs missed a last minute pen to draw 2:2 with Everton - they're got 6place written all over them! Simo

  • > Hot Boue !   11 years 42 weeks ago

    Its a little place above magaliesburg Nature Reserve ... 60km west of Pretoria and about 80km north west of Johannesburg ... they won't know whats hit them when both teams and fans roll in ... i heard that USA have the biggest application number for tickets than any other team!!! CP - Any more stats required?

  • > This is the life!   11 years 42 weeks ago

    Wow Bob, the desert in Mauritania looks intense, glad you had some companions to will you on your way, merci beaucoup Rob's amis!

    Suse (soeur) xx

  • > Bike repairs   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Sorry guy for the chinese inner shitty tube ! It s the one we gave you no ???

    We also have a lot of problems with these unmountable crappy tube...

    You can maybe start the run now ???

    Guilhem, the French Panda.

  • > Camping with an audience   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Hi Rob,

    I have seen you had a wonderful foie gras for the tabasky, lucky guy !!!

    I am still killing the chocoleca boxes, we all have to adapt...

    Hope all the best and great music parties in Mali !!!

    Le grand blaireau Guilhem:. (et vive the fish on rice in Louga)

  • > A thorny issue   11 years 43 weeks ago

    PS The Chelsea shirts must be trebly painful! Nick

  • > A thorny issue   11 years 43 weeks ago

    I don't know which is worse, Rob - thorns or being chased by dogs! I feel every puncture and the thought that you have to unload everything to fix them, if you do, must be a double bore. Hopefully the owners of recycled bikes will learn from your wonderful example. Bring on the solid tyre! Perhaps you can make a fortune by inventing it. It's all still super-inspirational and we love it. Nick G

  • > A thorny issue   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Sorry to hear about the thorns bro, guess there are going to be some testing times, did you say au revoir to your french friends or will you be hoping to catch them up again? Merci beaucoup French pals for keeping Rob company! Hope you have better luck tomorrow, lol Suse x

  • > A thorny issue   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Can you find something to line the inside of the tire? Maybe cut up an old inner tube and put it inside the tire before inserting the 'good' inner tube? Or find something tougher that would do a similar job. Armour plating perhaps!

    Love you Rob,


  • > Inner tube woes   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Hi Rob. Kirst here! Just to say we are thinking of you lots along your way and absolutely luv reading your website every night......can't believe you are already in Senegal. Looking forward to some good cricket betw England/SA these next few weeks. Lots of love Kirst 


  • > Inner tube woes   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Rob, We loved your "Lessons from the Road part 2". Looks like part 3 will include those Chinese inner tubes.We continue to track you daily and its great to see how well you are manageing this amazing adventure. Jen and David

  • > Lessons from the road Part II: North Africa   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Your blog creases me up! People at work think I'm a weirdo when I'm cackling and chuckling.....but apparently they are too busy to sponsor you

    I suggest makng up the short fall by a release of a book, alot more entertaining than those monkeys on motorbikes.

    Keep on peddling big man!

  • > Lessons from the road Part II: North Africa   11 years 43 weeks ago

    I love your writing style, my good man  :)


    Keep it up!


    Love and Much Thanks


    Founder and CEO of Re~Cycle, the charity this loon, sorry, Brave Sir Rob,  is raising money foor

  • > Defeated by food   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Hope you're not suffering any ill effects of being goosed! Checked out the blog of the biker you'd met in Western Sahara who'd diagnosed you as an eijjit... he wrote on Nov 13:

    "About 80km from Daklha while lost in my thoughts as you do on these long straight stretches of road I blew my very loud air horn to a single cyclist riding south and gave him a big wave.  Having done a couple of cycling trips in Europe in my younger crazy days I knew what a friendly gesture meant to them on these lonely hard won roads.  Then I remembered the VISA so stopped Nigel and I headed back up the road to speak with him.  We had the same first names, smelled a bit and both had beards.  Rob was a young English lunatic who was cycling to South Africa raising money for charity from the UK and had swam the straights of Gibraltar to Morocco!  He had his VISA.  We spoke enthusiastically asking each other questions and would have liked more time to speak but time was ticking by, Nigel rode back wondering what was taking so long.  He took a couple of photos for us and promised Rob I’d have a look at "  see photo at : Cheers, Soda & Pops xx

  • > Pea sandwiches   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Hi Rob - I am watching yr steady and amazing progress but don't comment often as it must be quite time consuming reading all yr mails. 6000 is a milestone and u are now getting a taste of Africa - it gets tastier!

    be well and hamba gahle

    John Davies

  • > Back to nature   11 years 43 weeks ago

    Looks a very good spot to spend a weekend and re-charge batteries. Don't move, catch some sleep and hopefully a few decent, balanced meals! I see you lost some latitude to get there and have to turn south again soon! Go well Robbo! Clem & Sue


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