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  • > Pick up a pangolin   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Rob and Ron,Wonderfull to have malt loaf again.Enjoy your ascent of Mount Cameroon and no doubt,Rob it will be great to have company for a week or so.- Keep up the good work,-Jen and David

  • > Visa delays   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Rob, This is what Wikepedia says about Mt Cameroon!!

    Mount Cameroon is one of Africa's largest volcanoes, rising to 4,040 metres (13,255 ft) above the coast of west Cameroon. It rises from the coast through tropical rainforest to a bare summit which is cold, windy, and occasionally brushed with snow. The massive steep-sided volcano of dominantly basaltic-to-trachybasaltic composition forms a volcanic horst constructed above a basement of Precambrian metamorphic rocks covered with Cretaceous to Quaternary sediments. More than 100 small cinder cones, often fissure-controlled parallel to the long axis of the massive 1,400 km³ (336 mi³) volcano, occur on the flanks and surrounding lowlands. A large satellitic peak, Etinde (also known as Little Mount Cameroon), is located on the southern flank near the coast. Mount Cameroon has the most frequent eruptions of any West African volcanoes. The first written accounts of volcanic activity could be the one from the Carthaginian Hanno the Navigator, who might have observed the mountain in the 5th century BC. Moderate explosive and effusive eruptions have occurred throughout history from both summit and flank vents. A 1922 eruption on the southwestern flank produced a lava flow that reached the Atlantic coast, and a lava flow from a 1999 south-flank eruption stopped only 200 m (660 ft) from the sea, cutting the coastal highway.

    Good to see your direction is now strong south!!

    Travel (and climb) safely and all the best to 'the old man'

    Love Clem & Sue

  • Rob speaks live on BBC Radio 5 Live   11 years 35 weeks ago

    My greetings me very liked you blog

  • Rob speaks live on BBC Radio 5 Live   11 years 35 weeks ago

    My greetings me very liked you blog

  • > Food bargains   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Suprised you have time to cycle when you're eating so much!!  5 bananas is pretty impressive in one day.  So impressed by your progress - keep up the good work.  Drove past the Ham nature reserve on Saturday and thought it was looking in need of a bit of's obviously missing it's chief weeder!  Murray is through to the 1/4 finals at the Australian Open - against Nadal!  xx    

  • > Food bargains   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Hi! Rob,

    It is not a suprise Rob, looking at the distance so far covered you more of these for more ATP (energy) to keep you going. More lubricant to you waist, knees and ankle, pls less or no more palmwine. Bye!

  • > Food bargains   11 years 35 weeks ago

    Forbes no wonder you're slow as a granny, your spending most of your time treating yourself to such luxuries, crack on! :) 

  • > Nigerian hospitality   11 years 35 weeks ago

    So good to hear of the kindness of strangers! But sorry you are scaring small children when you run, Rob!! I doubt you have the time, inclination or even water and shaving cream to shave the beard though. I'm glad that you and Bertha have come through potholes and 'spying' problems relatively unscathed.Reading your story about the barracks reminded me that the son of a friend of ours was arrested for a short time in London recently as he photographed the exterior of a police station for a book he is writing about architecture (he had even asked permission inside the building first - it was some other policeman who arrested him!) ...what a world! Keep going Rob - we think of you often and relate your adventures to others, who then read your tales of the ride South! Love, Vanessa and Piers  

  • > Blow out & bearded ghost   11 years 35 weeks ago

    I think you are being a bit hard on Bertha! When I look at the map and your progress I say full marks to Bertha. You can't expect to just sit there and expect her to do the work! I think you need to examine your relationship and show more respect!

    Seriously though, I detect a nice gentle curve down south happening! Well done as always Rob!

    Clem & Sue


  • > I spy & Nigerian TV   11 years 36 weeks ago

    Rob, suggest that, should you need to phone in the future as you journey south, army barracks and police stations are not the best places to communicate from.Thank goodness for sightsavers.We continue to follow your progress daily and look forward to and enjoy your latest news.Our admiration for the way you are tackling this incredible TREK grows daily.Continued good luck. Jen and David 

  • > Nigerian radio interview   11 years 36 weeks ago

    Hi Rob. Well done! You seem to have covered a pretty tough bit of Africa in the last few days! And the map says you are going East not South! We look forward to your right turn down towards us soon. Nice to see the batch of photos posted on the Dodowa website.

    Cricket series ended in a draw. Teams very evenly matched and draw probably best result. Very exciting series good for 'Test' cricket here - big crowds with intense interest. I think Barmy Army also enjoyed it!

    We hold thumbs for a few smooth weeks, mimimum punctures, good food and cold beers for you.

    Love Sue & Clem

  • > Roadside banditry & Queen Letitia   11 years 36 weeks ago

    You're gathering an impressive clan of impressed fans wherever you go alright.  P'rhaps the bandits have also signed up?  Keep peddling with care, cuzzie bro!  

  • > 10,000 km in the saddle!   11 years 36 weeks ago

    Well done Bob that is amazing...can't believe how bushy your beard is, by the time you get to SA you will look like an Indian Sadu! hope you have a safe trip over the border into Nigeria. xxx

  • > 10,000 km in the saddle!   11 years 37 weeks ago

    Woohoo you're well over half way on the cycling front!!! only another 9000 km to go...maybe this mysterious sauce will give you that power boost to charge you through to the next half...not much happening here in the uk, the snow is vanishing so no more snow days, liverpool are out of the FA cup-they got knocked out by Reading:), nothing else worth reporting at this juncture.

    Will you be posting some new photos up soon? hope so!

  • > Roadside banditry & Queen Letitia   11 years 37 weeks ago

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for looking after Helen. If you can think of a way of getting brownies to you Ill make some to send out - I think they would travel Ok - I can make them super calorific. Eating seems to be crucial to your wellbeing - take care


  • > Roadside banditry & Queen Letitia   11 years 37 weeks ago

    Hey Rob, Just a quick note to say I am truly amazed and fascinated by your conquest of doing Africa and you are keeping many people including myself entertained with your Blogging banter. Keep up the good work. I am compelled on a daily basis while sitting at work in my dreary office to check this most awesome website (Well done Joe) I don't quite know how to say good luck in biking terms so I guess I will have to make something up. In fishing you say tight lines, in acting it's break a leg so I guess in biking its get a puncture!!!!?????? Take care buddy Tom

  • > Roadside banditry & Queen Letitia   11 years 37 weeks ago

    Hi Rob, We have just caught up with your blog after a few days with no computer and heard your interview as well - great to know that all those Radio 5 listeners now know what you are up to! You must miss Helen a lot - but it sounds as if you are meeting some wonderful characters as you travel onwards. A belated happy new year from snowy Salisbury and lots of love, Nessa and Piers x 

  • > Roadside banditry & Queen Letitia   11 years 37 weeks ago

    Hi Robbo,  Good to hear you are on your way again - sad you are on your own again! I think you need to build in a good few rest days in between the hard slog. Eat, sleep and try and get strong in between the consecutive days of hammering. Even Chuck Norris takes time off!

    We drew the second test! Last ball, last England pair! So close! South Africa have a lot to play for at the Wanderers starting Thursday. 

    Go well, Love Clem and Sue.


  • > Made it to Accra   11 years 37 weeks ago

    Rob all of best for next solo leg.  Hope you find welcome company to compensate for poor roads.  Have just been on first flight with Dave.  Flew to St Francis.  Spent night with Salmons and Greg and Phil and back over mountains next day with much bumping.  Any time you want to opt out sos uncle Dave and he'll  be along in his Cessna.  We're all in Hermanus .  Kirst not happy about cricket draw.

    Love from Lewis's and Gutsches who continue to hail your great achievement -spreading the word to all our friends! Jen.

  • > Made it to Accra   11 years 38 weeks ago

    Hello Bob and Hels,

    Well done guys, you've made it in time for Helen's flight - hope you scrub up enough to get some R and R over the road.

    We are snowed in today, Tom's working from home, and I'm off sick anyway with the dreaded winter vomiting which is rife in our ward at the moment. The whole of the UK is gripped in a deep freeze, we had a foot of snow overnight....I dug my car out this morning in preparation for getting to work tomorrow, they only had one nurse in first thing this morning for a ward of 30 patients! It's still snowing now, worth checking for your flights Helen, I think Heathrow is the only airport open today.

    Loads of love and hope you can both stomach a nice meal together tonight!

    Suse and Tom xx

  • > Appetite for riding   11 years 38 weeks ago

    Howzit Rob. Back at work after a New Year Hermanus weekend with Dave, Jen, Kirst, Duncan and children - great! We are all enjoying your news. I heard the BBC interview a few minutes ago - excellent and very clear too! I hope your antibiotics are working well. Something that may not improve your digestion is the current state of the third cricket test. England walloped SA in the second test (Durban) but I am hoping this will be reversed in Cape Town right now! Go well, Clem & Sue

  • > The Obama biscuit   11 years 38 weeks ago

    Maybe you are in Kumasi by now, so bikini time could be possible! They are expecting you both in Abonse if you are on schedule. Well done and lots of luck, KR.

  • > The Obama biscuit   11 years 38 weeks ago

    Our PM is the oposite of a brownie - nothing squishy or delicious about his insides - more like a rock cake.

  • > The Obama biscuit   11 years 38 weeks ago

    A few thoughts on politician biscuits....."Mandelson Hobnobs", the new Tory favourites "Cameroons", the Italian "Berlusconi fancies" and French "Sarkozi shortbreads" .....and unbelievable  "Blair Blarneys".

  • > Fire Festival surprise   11 years 39 weeks ago


    Just listened to your interview! How awesome is that ?! You came across like a true sportsman-he even introduced you as Triathlete! Made me chuckle when he ended with "he sounded like a lurvely bloke" peh little do they know! That was remarkable, you should be proud of your jammy self!!! I hope Helen gets better soon, lots of Malt Loaf and Relentless if you have any should do the trick. Hope you guys have a great time seeing in the NY! Chips x


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