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  • > Living in luxury   11 years 22 weeks ago

    Brilliant Rob Well done. We cannot believe you have got so far and are alll loving following your adventures. Don't go too fast in  Botswana as it is an amzing country........

    Best of luck for your last section

    Love all the Newbury Rossiters

  • > Malt loaf magic   11 years 23 weeks ago

    First of all Rob - you are doing an amazing thing - I am left with complete admiration for you and they say British Patriotism is dead!!  Long live the British!

    You made me laugh out loud with malt loaf story - they have the same effect on my son!

    Good luck for the remainder of the journey - I will listen out for the cheers from you when England score!



  • > Food obsession   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Rob, welcome to Namibia and to the relative First World side of Africa.  We're not quite sure what your route to Botswana will be but what ever you and Bertha choose the going will certainly be easier i.e. availability of more pies, chips, doughnuts, pizzas and hopefully lots of tarred roads.   Timing is looking good for the Comrades and thereafter an English victory at the World Cup! Tottenham  have certainly had a wonderful 2 weeks and I'm sure their success will continue to SPUR you on.  Keep up the great work.  Lots of love, Jen and David

  • > Food obsession   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Hey dear Rob

    Hope you are fine... hey, it was a big pleasure to me meeting you in Rundu, you are a very nice person... I am proud of you!!!

    Enjoy every minute on this special trip... God bless you.


  • > Food obsession   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Bro ! well done for getting across the border so swiftly, it is funny about the mix up with you and the celeb cyclist tho I can't imagine she looks much like you with your Scottish Bin Laden disguise. Still at least it is shampooed now! not long to go, keep pedalling! LOL S xxx

  • > Independence day   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Once you've arrived at your final destination Bertha deserves to be retired to a museum of technology, where spectators can gaze in awe at her sustainable durability!  Great to know you're almost there - well done on a fantastic achievement.  I know your whanau will be delighted to welcome you into South Africa.   

  • > Independence day   11 years 23 weeks ago

    And now Chelsea!!!! To probably give MU the league! Getting just as exciting as your trip! Well done Rob, you are really cooking at the moment! Glad to hear you are keeping your running legs ticking over.

  • > Independence day   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Hey Rob - you're a neighbour finally, just one country away from RSA!!!

    You are positively flying now, we're all especially impressed by your swift progress.  I hope Bertha manages the "final" stretches of off-road and that you and your best all round yeti impersonation protect her safely through the wilderness in Botswana.

    Go man go!!!

  • > Angolan dance off   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Grace & Charlotte look forward to seeing your photos of the dance comp!

  • > Cream crackered   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Well Done Rob!!!

    Brilliant to see the blob on GPS cross the border!

    Nick and Sarah

  • > Cream crackered   11 years 23 weeks ago

    Good luck with everything at the border, Rob. It sounds as if you are making up for lost time  We continue to follow the journey with great interest - you are getting so close now!

     UK is covered in an ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano today - aircraft grounded in Northern Europe and a slightly sulphurous smell in the air. We can't see the ash - it's too high up in the atmosphere, but there will be a lovely sunset no doubt. Very annoying for all travellers stuck in airports from Shetland to Holland and Northern France I think.

    Take care and lots of luck for the final push and of course the marathon!

    Love, Nessa and Piers


  • > Angolan dance off   11 years 24 weeks ago

    Spurs beat Arsenal last night 2-1. Ends hopes of an Arsenal league win (sad for me!) and probably guaranrees Spurs the 4th spot they want for next season! (happy for you!) Spurs have apparently not beaten Arsenal in any Premiership game for 11 years? Your news seems all good (apart from the fall)! Mileages good, food good, scenery etc. May it long continue.

  • > Lubango burger   11 years 24 weeks ago

    Good to read that you're being well looked after and not feeling too lonely, now that Helen has returned to the northern hemisphere.  Perhaps the Breweries might be able to rustle up a physio to deliver your next breakfast beer - don't neglect those niggling knees, 'cos the Comrades hills will test them!

  • > South African Comrades   11 years 24 weeks ago

    Hey Robert,

    So glad to hear you've got a place in the Comrades after my unsuccessful attempts to run a marathon for you! I knew you'd be able to pull a few strings to sort it out!

    Good luck for the rest of the trip, believe in the Malt Loaf, and I hope theres a forgoodness shakes waiting for you at the finish line!

    Looking forward to catching up when you're back.

  • > Another cyclist   11 years 24 weeks ago

    Rob the Grand National is on this weekend...I've placed some bets in your honour as I'm sure your ladbrokes account is missing you this year. I also got the favourite in the sweepstake at work:)! If i win, I promise I'll spend it all on moat loaf and ship it out to you! Especially the soreen small snack size moat loaf thats already buttered-which I have only just discovered (you probably knew this already)! Sorry I have been lame on the sports/news text front-english teams have been rubbish this year anyway!!

    Its going to be 18 degrees today-summer is finally here, hopefully the weather will keep for Helens return, have a great time in Lobito guys.

    FYI: You have approx. 50 days left till the Comarades! No pressure :-p

    Sabina x


  • > Behind bars   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi Bob and Helen

    Yes Happy Easter! I bet you will be missing your dog drops next year when you are ploughing your way through piles of chocolate! glad you guys have had some down time by the beach and avoided the one man tent situation too often. So funny about your police escort,...I can't believe they were following you to actually help you out. So jammy, but I'm very relieved to hear that as we all are I bet reading the title of your last blog!

    Enjoy the next bit

    Lots of love to you both

    Suse xx

  • > Behind bars   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Glad to hear the progress through Angola is going well. Let me know when you're going to be in Bots and I'll see what can be organised.

    Hopefully I'll see you soon.


  • > Behind bars   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Hi Rob. Didn't log on all Easter weekend so thrilled to see 4 days of pretty good news! We were all getting a bit worried about your protracted Luanda sojourn! Belated happy Easter and glad Helen's there to get your average speed up to more respectable levels again! Go well Love Clem & Sue

  • > Behind bars   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Belated Easter greetings to you both! Good to know you located some chocolate and that your contacts located you!  Look forward to discovering when you and Helen have pedaled safely across the border!  Take care - from your Kiwi whanau.  

  • > Catch some dinner   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Happy Easter, Rob and Helen! May the roads be smooth and the prospect peaceful!

    Love from Nick and Sarah

  • > Lost paperwork   11 years 25 weeks ago

    Back on Bertha at last - we're so stoked for you, and are holding thumbs that you whistle thru the rest of Angola without any further hitches!!  Lots of love, from Kirst, Duncs & the girls.

  • > Say goodbye?   11 years 25 weeks ago

    I'm also heading south on a bicycle from madrid to south africa. now in franceville, gabon. Have all the visas except angola and im wondering if after receiving a five day visa you just go for it, for namibia/angola border? i have read your blogs and will avoid all the hassel trying to get an extention and hoping the border officals will be merciful. if you have any recommendations send me an email. in the meantime enjoy - dont know if i can part with my beard!!

  • > Inside man   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Greetings from an autumnal North Shore.  Hope your visa extension & joint adventure with Helen progress without any glitches.  

  • > Inside man   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Hello Rob, Great to hear about your superior accommodation in Luanda. I hope the strings work and the visa gets sorted speedily. Bertha won't want you putting on too much weight! I thought you were heading Angola/Namibia/RSA but I see it's Angola/Namibia/Botswana/RSA - still some pretty rugged stuff ahead! You get fairly close to Torchwood - what about a short detour? Go well.

  • > Inside man   11 years 27 weeks ago


    We still check your progress regularly and really enjoy the blog.

    Great going!


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