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  • > Comrades success.   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Well done Rob on an incredible time for the Comrades. It was great to meet you albeit briefly at the Emthambeni School and I wish you all the luck for your future endeavours. Next time I think I'll drive down to SA instead of driving - it seemed to do you some good for a very respectable finish time! I lolled over in 9.32 and thought that was ok :)

    Stay in touch


  • > Comrades success.   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Great running Rob! Nurse those blisters! Good to hear that you will have company to cycle the last part of your journey. It sounds as if you have plenty of offers of hospitality too. What a finish to a great adventure. Love, Nessa and Piers.

  • > Comrades success.   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Your tough man! Félicitations!
    Happy to learn that you arrived in South Africa without problem and that you ran those 89km.
    I just arrived in Buenos Aires wich is my final destination, I went down sailing to Rio and did the 2500 last km by bike those 3 last weeks. When I resumed bicking in Brazil I still had those shity Senegales inner tubes and had to buy another ones. It remembered me of that very bad joke we made you in Senegal giving you one of this useless shit. I´m really sorry, we didn´t know.
    What you´ve down is awesome, what an experience! Enjoy this world cup et repose toi bien. Hope we´ll have the opportunity to meet in France or in England some day!


  • > Comrades success.   11 years 17 weeks ago

    hi rob well done with the run, i showed robert the route this morning and he couldnt belive you were going to run that far, you deserve a rest, hope you get to the footie xx

  • > Comrades success.   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Hi Rob,

    You met us at the Petrol Stop before Estcourt. We were the ones shouting you on as you ran through Pinetown. Well done on your race and remember you have a place to stay for you and your mates if you need in Durban!


    Henry, Debbie & Duran

  • > Comrades looms   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Hi Rob & James - CONGRATULATIONS to you both on conquering the Comrades!  I hope that you're allowing yourselves some well deserved R+R to recharge your energy stores, before you set off on your next cycling leg to Rustenburg?  Cycle that leg with care!   

  • > Comrades looms   11 years 17 weeks ago

    What is in those things Rob?? Just out of Silver medal with your preparation is absolutely amazing!! You looked great on TV - I wish the commentators had known what you had been through to get there. Come back next year and do it properly - easy Silver! Well done. Take it easy on your mates riding with you to Rustenburg hey! See you soon, Clem & Sue

  • > Midlands Meander   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Hey, Rob, I see that you nailed Comrades in 7:48 - stupendous running!!!

    It was great to meet you at Mnweni and amazing to see how you tackled it and came in the top ten despite your worries about your heel, and with Comrades looming, too. Thanks for sharing your stories with us all.

    I guess now you can relax and just look forward to watching other people run about!!

    Well done indeed, you have achieved so much, and inspired so many people.

    Happy trails,


  • > Comrades looms   11 years 17 weeks ago

    What an incredible sight, seeing the St George's cross-wigged, castaway-bearded figure cruising thru the finish a few minutes ago!!! and in sub-8 hours too - just amazing! We're all thrilled for you Rob, and cant wait to see you in Cape Town to celebrate. WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • > Comrades looms   11 years 17 weeks ago


    Congratulations mate, I just saw your finish on the live TV stream. Apart from the daft wig you finished strong :) For a first time runner your time was great too! It was great to see you had quite a bit of support in the crowd too.

    Your overall achievement is an awesome one. Something to proudly tell the grandkids abourt one day.

    Now you can take your time and enjoy our wonderful country - we consider Lesotho ours anyway :) - and wonderful people.

    Lets hope England gets the opportunity to play the not so mighty Bafana Bafana!

    Take it easy,



  • > BBC Filming   11 years 17 weeks ago

    May the force stick with you up hill and down dale, all the way to the sea.  Your Kiwi connections were wondering if you'll  shave for the race or are planning to use your beard as a spinnaker?  I remember the official start of the Comrades used to be a guy crowing like a cock - would be interested to discover in your blog if they still follow this tradition?  GOOD LUCK, Comrade Rob!

  • > Comrades looms   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Hey Rob,

    Just imagine that there is a Soreen loaf the size of a house at the finish line and I'm sure you'll breeze it!

    Good Luck cous, will be following online! Joe

  • > BBC Filming   11 years 17 weeks ago

    Good Luck Robbo! Treat Comrades as a huge event on its own - it deserves that kind of respect. I have been tossed off the voting on the Continental site for voting too often! Go well on Sunday!

  • > Biggest footy fan competition.   11 years 18 weeks ago


  • > Swim Report   11 years 18 weeks ago

    I've just found your website, i was reading up a wee bit on the world cup;its very entertaining, you're definitely setting yourself up for a career in travel entertainment, telling your story- books,theatre locations etc. Its just absolutely inspiring to read your adventures(although i don't ever plan to copy you!!), but it does help to put in perspective challenges that we find ourselves in from day to day. Good luck with the rest of your trip and have a great world cup!

  • > Biggest footy fan competition.   11 years 18 weeks ago


    Sensational effort mate and have voted for you on the Continental website. You'll be no doubt interested to hear that it is the Indigo Palace vs Shalbourne annual cricket match on Sunday and Khan and the boys are putting on a post match spread. You'll be missed!!

    Keep going and best of luck for the comrades. I've signed up to a couple of ultra marathons over the next few months too!

    Amazing effort.

    All the best

    Jim Gray

  • > Biggest footy fan competition.   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Hi Rob,Really looking forward to seeing you in person! We are hoping you'll win the Footy Fan competition. We're all canvasing like mad and know that in terms of what you've achieved,you should win hands down.
    Well done, once again on doing so well in the 'Mountain Race'. Hope the blisters are recovering. Good luck for Comrades. Enjoy it.
    We are both immensely proud of our nephew's stoic achievments.
    Lots of love, Jen and Dave

  • > Cummulative fatigue   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Well done, Rob! We have followed your tour and stand amazed at your perserverance, and sheer guts! HAve a great run in Comrades too! You are amazing!
    Love,John and Jan Stamper

  • > Wild Child   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Hi Rob.
    I found your site from googling. I depart my home town of Milton Keynes on August 21st for a similar journey, apart from the swimming & running bit, hats of to you for those. I've never been much of a swimmer so definitely the ferry for me!

    You made good progress. Are you aware of Peter Gostelow who's also riding it, he's got a slightly slower pace as stopping giving talks & shows at schools en-route. He's just recovered from an attack in Dakar, back on track now though.


  • > Wild Child   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Your Current GPS location puts you a couple hundred metres from where I grew up in Villiers Drive :) Wave to my parents please!

  • > Wild Child   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Hi Rob, We have followed your blog from start to finish and have been in total awe of your achievements.  What an inspiration!  We have enjoyed showing the kids where you have explored and what you have experienced.  How lovely to be reunited with your folks again.  Enjoy the relative "rest" before Comrades and we wish you well for that.  We hope you are going to write a book about your journey; if your blog is anything to go by, it will make for a stunning read.  With love from us all and sending you best wishes for your remaining travels. Jo, Andrew, Grace, Charlotte and Nicholas Blakey

  • > Wild Child   11 years 18 weeks ago

    Well done, mate. Welcome to my hometown :) Good luck for Comrades. A good way to stave off the cold whiel waiting at the start line is to wear a black bin bag as a jumper then discard it as the race begins.

  • > Midlands Meander   11 years 18 weeks ago

    I have not posted anything yet but as one of those who taught your father most of what he is able to do on the squash court, I feel I have an obligation to congratulate you on an extraordinary achievement.   I suspect that when you reach your father's age (I am much younger than him!), you will look back on this and wonder what on earth you were thinking of!  

    Good luck on the Comrades - Andrew Rowan, Old Diocesan and Orielensis from the 60s.

  • > Wild Child   11 years 19 weeks ago

    I have read your fascinating blog everyday and followed your journey this is a huge achievement. Congratulations on reaching Pietermaritzburg.  Good luck with the run.  Nicola (your Mum's bookclub)

  • > Midlands Meander   11 years 19 weeks ago

    Hello to all three of you Forbes, Anthea, Ron and your intrepid son, and to Bertha (!) We hope you find each other OK on the road. Thanks for the wonderful blogs, Rob, run well in the Marathon and enjoy all the football matches. We are exhausted just imagining all you have achieved over these months and look forward to reading the last few weeks' worth of adventure on this fantastic journey. Love, Nessa and Piers.


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