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  • > BBC 5 live comes a calling.   11 years 39 weeks ago

    Loved your section. Hope the knees and legs keep going. Keep up the good work.


  • > Fire Festival surprise   11 years 39 weeks ago

    Hey Rob! Just heard you interviewed on Radio 5! It was brilliant & came across really well! Would have been good to hear more but then they seem to restrict to news snippets on radio 5 broadcasts. Well done!

  • > Fire Festival surprise   11 years 39 weeks ago

    hey....a big yellow Oasis Overland truck is about country behind you on a very simular route...iv told them to keep an eye out for you when they catch up! Keep up the good work, becky x

  • > Fire Festival surprise   11 years 39 weeks ago

    While we are struggling along on sheets of ice with now predicted, try not to sweat too much with your marathon training! I am enjoying the photos you are posting, I had no idea  what these areas looked like until now. 

    Some of the Tri club went to the lake on Boxing Day with a view to a dip but the edges were frozen! Rather them than me. I have now purchased a racing bike but so far I have had a good excuse every Saturday not to go out on it - it’s very clean.

    Look after yourself and we’ll keep watching out for you.


  • > Back on the road south   11 years 39 weeks ago

    I found Ho on the map but not HoHoe! Rob, have you got a proposed route, rough deadlines etc or is it all seat of the pants as the road unfolds in front of you? Are there deadlines - or just Rustenburg before kick-off! I want to be able to relax when you are ahead of schedule and worry when you are behind! Go well. Clem and Sue

  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 39 weeks ago

    Hello, from Cape Town!

    We have been following your progress with interest and admiration, Rob!  Kirsti gave us your website.

    My niece is on a Goldfields mine neat Tarkwa - if you are going anywhere near there, let me know and perhaps they can give you a bed or meal!  I know she flew up with very little luggage but a whole lot of meat!

    Well done for the great progress you have made - your very own Dakar Rally!



    John and Jan Stamper

  • > Back on the road south   11 years 39 weeks ago

    Hi Rob (& Helen!), just looking at the next chunk of Africa you have in store. We thought that at least if you head down the eastern side of Lake Volta, you'll retain some Christmas spirit by passing thru the towns of HoHoe & Ho!!  All the best from sunny, inviting South Africa.

  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 39 weeks ago

    Rob and Helen,

    Trying to finish kids Xmas book in 4 days was enough up hill for me.  Whilst gritting my teeth to keep going I thought of you peddling on and on with increasing admiration!  What determination and discipline, Rob!! Must be great having Helen with you.  Happy cycling both.

    Fond love, Jen and Dave.


  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 39 weeks ago

    Rob and Helen we wish you a very happy Christmas and safe journey to Accra-hope Helens Bike has arrived --Continue to follow your great adventure daily .all in Cape Town wishing you well  -Jen and David 

  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Hay Rob, have a fantastic African feral xmas. Tom has given me his flat to use for a week in Brizzel while I work at the shelter - it's going to be full on. Respect from all at IR and from the loony Boocock.

  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Keep up the good work mate, you seem to be flying! Bet you are looking forward to a bit of company over xmas. Hope you have a good one....don't forget to ask for cranberry jelly to go with the rice.

    All the best my friend, your blogs are a constant source of interest / entertainment, so keep 'em coming.


  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 40 weeks ago


    Merry Christmas!! Hope you guys have a great time! Will sure be thinking of you and your great journey that still awaits! Good luck on the present hunt-I'm sure you can rustle up something with some natural resources, failing that...have you considered trading in a malt loaf? ...

  • > Sands of time   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Hi Rob. Thinking of you lots and hope you have a wonderful Xmas with Helen. We will definately have a toast to you down here in Cape Town.  Enjoyed the first cricket test that was drawn, looking forward to the second that starts on boxing day. Lots of love Kirst, Duncs, Sam and Katie xxx


  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Hey Bud,

    Merry Christmas from Mazza and me. So proud bud, try and enjoy some R&R with Hels Bels. The capital of Burkina Faso was always the favourite pub quiz question and now you've just biked there.... nuts.

    Enjoy it buddy and Danny & i will see you down there in a few months. We're going to put our fat bods on a training programme... Fun and games.

    take care x

  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Bravo Rob! Keep going, and have a great Christmas! Love Kath and Matt.

  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Happy Christmas Rob...will have a drink for you in the Indigo Palace on Christmas eve.  Christmas day football is not going to be the same without you there!!  Hope you find some festive celebrations in Africa!


  • > Merry Christmas One and All   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Here's hoping the petrol station choices in Ougadougou are better than those over here! Enjoy the Xmas saucy rice. We'll be toasting both of you come the day. Cheers Pops xx

  • > Fire alarm   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Hey Rob, we are starting to wind down now for a long weekend of family, good cheer and too much food. We will all think and talk about you and your fantastic journey! I hope you find some good lodgings and have a great Christmas break with Helen. Recharge all the batteries so you can start 2010 in good shape! All the best, Sue and Clem



  • > Fire alarm   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Before I lose the computer underneath the grandchildren and wrapping paper etc, and knowing I might not have a moment to read your blog again until the weekend,  Happy Christmas, Rob and Helen, have a happy time together and I hope you found H a good present , Rob, was it malt loaf or kola beans? Love, Nessa x

  • > Bring on Burkina !   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Just to wish you a big load of Christmas cheer from me and all of the kids and staff at the British School of Cordoba who are loving following your progress. Geography has never seemed so interesting. Keep it up!

  • > Recovery Time   11 years 40 weeks ago

    Hi bru, It's great to see your photos! I hope your rest day helped and you are feeling much better. Thinking of you. Love Em xx

  • > Recovery Time   11 years 41 weeks ago

    Hello Rob, I'm glad you are taking some time to recover from some hard days - you sound in need of a bit of TLC and it's great you have found somewhere with some company and a place to rest. I am lost in admiration for your perseverance and staying power. I have been telling  the grandchildren about your adventures and they regard you with amazement even though they can't really comprehend the vast journey you are making. I hope you will feel refreshed and revived soon and can look forward to your next rendezvous with Helen. Much love, Vanessa x

  • > Recovery Time   11 years 41 weeks ago

    Hi Rob,

    I've been trying to sent comments, txts etc but not having much luck. Enjoy the recovery time - much respect and love. I'll be seeing Helen, Steph, Ren and Fi this evening.

  • > Recovery Time   11 years 41 weeks ago

    Hey bro

    Hope you are having a good rest for your brain and body! it is quite a mission you are putting yourself through. Like Jen and Dave say, the tough times will make the good even better. Cool that it's not long til Helen arrives. Enjoy the R and R!


    S xx

  • > A close shave   11 years 41 weeks ago

    You'll be glad to know that Ouagadougou is a much more civilised affair! When will you be heading east? Jonathan is there til the 21st December. Hope you are enjoying the beautiful Sahel apart from mental driving...!



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