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  • > Chinese tease   11 years 27 weeks ago

    A friend of mine used to clear landmines in Angola so I know what your going through. Apparently you don't want to cycle over them.

  • > Inside man   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Hi Bob

    I'm keeping everything crossed for you - though you probably know by now (11 am on Tues). You really have some great support there by the sounds of it. Lots of love and luck,

    Suse xx

  • > Inside man   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Wow you've hit the jackpot with bumping into Stuart and his lovely family! All this visa malarkey has been just so frustrating to hear, I can just imagine how annoying it must be having to sort them out every so often!

    It’s great to hear you have had some nutritious and tasty bacon and eggs-you’re looking unrecognisable to the usually healthy and mischievous Bert that we know, on a more selfish and guilty matter, I don’t feel so bad now about having a massive fry up this weekend (on two occasions). More and more recently when I’ve been indulging into mum’s cooking, or eating out, or just even having a nice ice cold glass of water I have thought of you ploughing away.....I’m sure on your return there will be feast after feast heading in your direction!

  • > Chinese tease   11 years 27 weeks ago

    Rob, We have just been watching Sports Relief on TV - Christine Bleakley water skied across the English Channel, Eddie Izzard did 16 back to back Marathons, 8 various celebs cycled (taking turns, with rests in a bus ...!) from John o'Groats to Lands End. I think they have all taken a leaf from your book,  but yours is  definitely the most punishing, the longest and the most varied journey. Take care among those landmines, go safely, our thoughts are with you. Love, Nessa and Piers.

  • > Mission accomplished   11 years 27 weeks ago

    gday rob

    just wanted to say that I am amazed by your progress

    keep it up big fella

    youve inspired me to sell my van, i am now a die hard cycle commuter

    looking fwd to aus vs eng in the round of 16



  • > Back on the road   11 years 28 weeks ago

    Rob,We were in the above Curry house last night having one of Khans specials washed down with a couple of Ramsbury Gold's and we decided to name a curry after you, the only problem being should it be hot,medium,mild? Over to you. We are all very proud and envious of what you are achieving but there is one burning question. How can you go and do what you are doing during the run up to the general Election? How could you miss out on all the fun we are having? It is really exciting. I know where I would rather be. It is going to be some party in RSA. Keep it up and stay safe. Martin,Jules and the family....

  • > Smooth passage?   11 years 28 weeks ago

    Catch you at the border bull shiting again we might have to discuss....haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • > Smooth passage?   11 years 28 weeks ago


    If you are in need of a portuguese translator, give me a call !  Easy life has no fun !  Enjoy it while it lasts and if things get tougher, see the positive side on it !  If you want a boring trip, hire bitterfield & robinson through Tuscany ! 

    May be I will fly to SA for the semi finals (Brazil and England ?).  Take it easy !





  • > Back on the road   11 years 28 weeks ago


    see !  If you´d still have couple of Brazilian soccer t-shirts ... Things would be easier.  But I am pretty sure you have a "velvet tongue" like we say in Brazil.  You will convince them to give you a break.  Go for it ! 


  • > Smooth passage?   11 years 28 weeks ago

    Rob, we are relieved you are out of the DRC and at last on your way to Luanda with your 5 day visa.The home stretch is now a reality with SA well with-in reach.Your determination and endurance is much admired.Continued good luck. Jen and David.

  • > Smooth passage?   11 years 28 weeks ago

    Just came across your blog via a tweet from Al Humphreys. Inspirational trip mate, and you look like you've cracked the back of it. Well done so far. I did 2000km around Britain in Dec 09, so that feeling of riding day after day, whatever the conditions, is still fresh. Creates memories that will ive forever though. Keep up the good work. Mike

  • > Back on the road   11 years 28 weeks ago

    Rob, you have us all under huge stress now!! Glad you are on your way, and glad you are in Angola - only one more country to go before hitting RSA! But the damn visa issue is a worry. We look forward to a renewal and seeing that it can be done! Go well, keep smiling. Love Sue and Clem.

  • > Decision time   11 years 28 weeks ago

    No advice from down under - just heaps of good will to keep you safe and sound from your Kiwi cuzzies

  • > Decision time   11 years 28 weeks ago

    Hi bro

    I'd also like to see you try Angola, a friend of Faye's Seb lived there for years and he said patience goes a long way there, so have hope!


    S xx

  • > Decision time   11 years 28 weeks ago

    Hi Rob,

    Sounds like a tough decision. Just a couple of thoughts that might help... Your options seem to be:

    DRC: Very hard cycling, going off your planned route and possibly dangerous. Also, you can't predict what expenses/delays will come up

    Angola: A short visa. It will probably be much easier to extend your visa once you're in Angola, although this might involve delays and paperwork.

    I hope you go for Angola!

    Best of luck


  • > Visa dilemma   11 years 28 weeks ago

    We hope that your visa problems are resolved swiftly and that you can get going again without any unwanted pressures of time limits etc. Also very much hope that your friend and fellow cyclist gets over his bout of malaria quickly. You seem to be dealing with all the different problems that are thrown at you with calm and persistence! Keep smiling. And here's to Bertha!! Love, Vanessa and Piers

  • > Crossing the Congo river & Kinshasa   11 years 29 weeks ago

    This is an epic expedition! Good for you!

  • > Crossing the Congo river & Kinshasa   11 years 29 weeks ago

    Hi Rob

    Hope the Angola visa application is going ok. We still have our fingers crossed.

    I just spotted a rather nice looking golf course while poring over Google Earth, right in the centre of Kinshasa and about 50 yards from the centre ville. Unusual, and I daresay expensive, but 9 holes in Kinshasa would be a claim to fame.

    Bon chance mon ami!

    Nick G

  • > Crossing the Congo river & Kinshasa   11 years 29 weeks ago

    Rob, Once you have the Angolan visa its the the home run to SA and the Comrades. Will be pleased to have you out of the DRC . As Clem and Sue have said World Cup fever  is intensifying and there is no doubt that we will host a great World Cup.We are looking forward to hosting you and your mates in Cape Town.Jen and David.  

  • > Crossing the Congo river & Kinshasa   11 years 29 weeks ago

    Well done Rob! Fantastic progress and as an earlier message says, it is good to start seeing familiar names low down on the Google maps - Zambesi, Ndola, Luanda etc. I hope the Angola paperwork is not too tedious and time wasting. Sounds like the forced rest, running training and servicing of Bertha might be quite beneficial. World Cup fever is building up noticeably in RSA. Stadiums are complete, airports noticeably better, roads nearly done, tickets going well too! Only problem is that Rooney seems to have an injury! Keep well sport! Love Clem & Sue

  • > DRC Delay   11 years 29 weeks ago

    Dave Freeman working at a hospital in Galmi, Niger writes:

    "The man is a legend! Still can't believe that he is doing this knowing the difficulties of Africa and travel. Let's face is more than a cycle circuit from Ham to Inkpen return!!

    He is doing so well but the authoritise can be so frustrating at times.

    So good that you managed to see Rob in Cameroon. That will have given you all a boost. Bet he has lost weight and is stringier than a piece of baling twine chewed be a cattle beast! Just can't seem to get into all of the web page at the moment but am picking up the gist of the tour? Not sure if tour is the right terminology! Ordeal maybe. What an incredible journey and altho he has made it this far down the west African coast, you as parents will still be looking forward to the day when he says he has finished and on the plane home. How on earth will he settle down after this journey?"

  • > DRC Delay   11 years 29 weeks ago

    Well done on surviving and achieving all those milestones! Love from your South Pacific fans

  • > Tropic thunder   11 years 29 weeks ago

    Greetings to you from Andrew & Jo's home, where we're grand-parenting whilst they head off for the weekend to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.  Cicadas' mass choral vibrations provide the closest reminder of insect intrusions in our benign suburban surrounds; and given our hot dry summer, we'd currently welcome the odd thunder storm!  So it's difficult to imagine realistically the range of challenges you navigate on a daily basis. However, I was delighted to discover that your trip log now displays my childhood home town of Ndola in the bottom right hand corner of the map - which makes me realise just how far you've pedaled, and that you're closing in on reaching your destination.  INCREDIBLE!  KIA KAHA for the kilometres ahead!  (KIA KAHA is a Maori statement meaning be strong, get stuck in, keep going!) 

  • > Mission accomplished   11 years 30 weeks ago

    Hi Rob - I seem to have been making a mess of commenting on the blog, so no messages from us for a long time, I think, but believe you me, we have been rushing to the computer every evening and we have just loved all the blogs and photos. I feel I have really learned so much about Africa from you trip so far and it has all been brilliant. We are crossing our fingers for the next stages and I still think you will grin your way to SA. Very best love from us both, Nick and Sarah

  • > Mission accomplished   11 years 30 weeks ago

    Congratulations on pioneering the bicycle route from Gabon to Brazza ! Sounds as though it was really tough & that you & Bertha could now do with a bit of R & R! On the flight from Cape Town to London the overhead display showed that the journey is 9,700 km. In reaching Brazza you have cycled almost one and a half times that distance! About midnight, as we cruised in comfort above the Congo, my thoughts were very much with you sweating somewhere way below us. Take care and good luck with both the DRC and Angolan visas. Willing you on. xx 


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